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The Shocker is an American rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Although their sound is unique within the rock genre, the band is often associated with front person Jennifer Finch’s past association with the 1990’s grunge band L7.

The Shocker is a band (musical group)

Formed in 2002 to play a single, local party in Silver Lake, CA, the band was encourage by other local musicians to continue as a full time project. With this inspiration, lead singer and guitarist Jennifer Finch formed the idea that the Shocker would be more of a collaboration between a group of local, Los Angeles musicians rather then a band with a single line-up based on their availability and musical strengths. Members would rotate out for touring and recording. This concept lasted from 2002 to 2006. From 2006 the band minted a core group of musicians. Bassist Lisa Howe, drummer Scott Quist, guitarist Ronnie James, guitarist Adam Fuller and vocalist Jennifer Finch.

guitarist Jeff Gray of Feast of Fetus
guitarist Keith Million
guitarist Ashley Mendel
bassist Leah Casper
bassist Lura Jones
singer/songwriter Ari Shine
guitarist Dean Menta of Faith No More and Sparks
bassist Chris Lord of Van Stone
guitarist Davey Oberlyn aka Davey Lin of Dawn of Ashes

With multiple US tours from 2003 – 2006 and 4 runs through the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway and more, the Shocker consider their crowing achievement to be 2006’s participation in an experiment tour promotion scheme presented by a Turkish youth organization, Turbojugend Istanbul, to bring hard rock played by women working outside the normal conventions of Turkish promotion companies.

The band toured in a van throughout Turkey, staying as guests in people’s homes and played venues supported by other Turkish young people. The band experienced first hand the challenges faced by many people in Turkey, including sexism, a protest bombing while they were in Istanbul and threats from police and large, established rock promoters.

Lisa Howe and Jennifer Finch of The Shocker are now considered the first women to tour a predominately Muslim country.

A film documentary in currently in production.

Besides play over 200 conventional rock shows, The Shocker has participated in Van Warped Tour 2003 and 2005 and Stoned From the Underground Festival 2006.

Jul 8, 2003 Oglio Records “Up Your Ass Tray” EP
2005 Go Kart Records “Up Your Ass Tray” The Full Length
2015 Re-released on Oglio Records

  • Cash In
  • Pop Narcotic
  • Bad Brain Good Head
  • Smoke Rings
  • My Life as a Plumber
  • Your Problem Now
  • Break In Two
  • Body Count (Cover of Ice-T and Ernie C / Body Count)
  • The Wind Beneath the Wings of the Modern Housefly
  • On a Scale of 1 – 10, You’re an Eight
  • Good Head Again
  • Angel of the Morning (Cover of Juice Newton version written by Chip Taylor)

The Shocker have songs in these Television products:
BAM’S UNHOLY UNION – MTV Production: episdoe/s “I will Never Be Single Again” and Season Finale”.
VEGAS SHOWGIRLS: NEARLY FAMOUS – E! TV: episdoe/s “11, 12 and 13″.
INDEPENDENT LENS – PBS episode/s: “Short Stack 2006 With My Life Disoriented”
DANCE LIFE – MTV Production – episode/s: “Learn Lean Rock”


Definition: The Shocker is American Slang for a sexual hand position; it is like a “Hand Job” for Women.
The band formed in 2002 to have fun and play a party…the party never stopped!

Words to Describe the Shocker (in alphabetical order) contributed by friends and fans:

Anathematic, Bangin’, Catchy, Charged, Drivin’, Explosive, Exhilarating, Exciting, Energetic, Fists in the Air, Funny, Good Looking, Good Hang, “Go Crazy Lisa” Holy Fuck, Hot, Hoes, Humorous, Honest, Hard Rock, High Speed, Integrity, Inertial, Jammin’, Kick in the Can, Longevity, Love Receptacles, Laugh Riot, Modest, New Rock, Naughty, Original, P- Rawk, Provocative, Party, Personal Politics, Quick, Rambunctious, Rowdy, Rock, Snide, Song Driven, Sexual, Sexy, Smart, Sarcastic, Tasty, Unique, Violators, Vibrant, Virile, Virago, Wild, Woopty, Xtra Sexxxy, Young, Zill-licious

“My favorite is SNIDE contributed by ALL-Music
-Jennifer Precious Finch

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